Piano course in Stockholm

Take a piano course to improve your piano skills. Beginner, intermediate and advanced. Individually or in group.


Piano courses

Piano courses in Stockholm Do you want to improve your piano skills or are you a beginner who is playful and curious? Take a piano course! I offer basic courses and advanced courses in piano that...

Chords & harmony

Chords & harmony on piano and keyboard Do you want to get better on piano and focus on your favorite music genre? Take the piano course in chords and harmony.  You will learn piano accompaniment...

Jazz piano

Jazz piano course Do you want to learn to play jazz, blues and improvisation on piano? Then this course is for you!

Piano & singing

Piano och singing course Are you a singer and play a little piano but want to get better? If you are interested in singing and playing the piano, this course is definitely for you! Develop your...

Improvisation on piano

Improvisation for beginners Do you want to learn to play the piano but not sure where to start? This course in improvisation on piano for beginners is for those who want to experience the freedom of...

Music theory

Music theory Are you interested in music, write your own music or want to get a better understanding of music? Then this course in music theory with elements of practical piano playing is for you!

Piano technique

Beginner course in piano technique Do you want to increase the speed and strength of your piano playing or learn the right piano techniques for beginners? Then this course based on the Russian piano...

Jazz ensemble

Jazz ensemble Do you want to play or sing in a jazz group and improvise jazz and blues? This course in jazz ensemble for beginners is for those who want to learn to play in a jazz ensemble.


Piano courses in Stockholm

Do you want to improve your piano skills or are you a beginner who is playful and curious? Take a piano course! I offer basic courses and advanced courses in piano that are suitable for young people and adults.

Piano courses 

Piano course is an excellent alternative if you like social interaction and enjoy playing in a group. It can also suit you if you want to develop on piano in a certain area such as technique, sight reading or chords and accompaniment. Piano course in group is an exciting opportunity to experience dynamic and energetic musical interaction.

Taking a piano course can be a fantastic experience for as you know – shared joy is double joy!

Beginner piano courses – no prior knowledge required

No basic knowledge is required to take beginner piano courses! Beginner piano courses are suitable for those who want to gain basic piano skills in various areas such as chords and accompaniment on piano, music theory or technique.

Piano courses give you a primary idea about the process of making music on piano but also the basic knowledge in music theory.

Piano courses for beginners – kids & adults 

Piano courses for beginners are led by a piano teacher in a playful way with a focus on social interaction and individual development. The method used in guidance is a mixture of ear training method, improvisation and the traditional method of sight reading and accompaniment techniques.

Beginners on piano

A beginner piano course can prepare you to continue musical training in the future by for example continuing with some advanced courses such as jazz piano, piano technique, piano accompaniment for singers, piano cover music production or video game music on piano.

Intermediate piano players

Intermediate course in piano is for you if you already have some knowledge and want to play more or improve in a certain genre, such as jazz or classical.

Taking a piano course can also help you if you have gaps in, for example, piano technique or music theory and want to improve in those areas.

Intermediate courses are suitable for adults and teenagers. You get guidance in the areas that are interesting to you and get a chance to both play with the others and get individual instructions.

Advanced piano players

To take an advanced course in piano implies playing in small groups of 2-3 people of the same age. 

Are you curious about beginner, intermediate or advanced piano courses in Stockholm? Do you want to get started with piano and are interested in group lessons? Contact me and I will tell you more about piano courses for beginners, adults & children. 

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