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Jane Levkovskaya – pianist & piano teacher in Stockholm


From Irkutsk in Siberia to KMH in Stockholm

My name is Jane Levkovskaya, I am a Russian pianist and singer living in Sweden. I am a professional pianist trained at KMH (Royal Academy of Music) in Stockholm. During my time at KMH, I have played with and taken lessons from Sweden's most prominent musicians. I am a certified jazz pianist and have a classical Russian education in the background. I come from a city called Irkutsk and is about 3000 km from Moscow. All my family still live in Irkutsk while I moved there alone to study jazz piano in Stockholm. I have attended a 7-year music school for children and a 4-year classical piano school in Irkutsk, Russia. Russian piano school is well known for its traditional methods and I am very grateful that I have received basic instruction in classical music in Russia, because it has made me a knowledgeable piano teacher and it is mainly appreciated by my piano students.

Bachelor of jazz piano from KMH

I have an artistic bachelor's degree in jazz piano from the Royal Academy of Music in Stockholm, 2013. KMH has been an important part of my professional life. As a female jazz musician, instrumentalist, I have gained knowledge that helped me work as a pianist in both music and entertainment in Sweden. During 4 - year musician training, I have had the chance to collaborate with established Swedish musicians and teachers such as Ove Lundin, Joakim Milder, Marie Bergman, Louise Hoffsten, Pål Svenre, Peter Lundblad. I performed as a jazz pianist at Fasching, Spejaren, Tyresö Jazz Club, Lilla Hotellbaren, Hotell Hellsten etc. I have also worked as a bar pianist at hotels in Ibiza, Tenerife, Cyprus, Spain. I am a jazz pianist with many years of experience in ensemble playing in various formats. As the first step in my career as a professional pianist, I have played in a large number of bands and ensembles such as jazz trio, classical trio, jazz big band, orchestra, cover band. On various occasions I have also been involved as an accompanist and rehearsal. I have played piano, keyboard, synth in various styles such as Jazz, rock, pop, Latin, salsa, bossa nova, musical, funk, rock n roll, blues, gospel, folk, show, film music, hits.


Pianist on ships and hotels

I have been employed as a show pianist and piano bar artist on Swedish and international cruise ships such as Crystal Serenity (USA), Thomson Cruises (UK), Silja Line (Sweden) etc. Working as a live musician in Stockholm is very demanding. Therefore, as a pianist, I have worked a lot abroad and have not only become more experienced pianist but also singer and showbands pianist. I have tested myself as a musician in theater and in piano bar, I have learned to work with musical entertainment. As a professional musician, I move freely between different music genres and constantly participate in a number of different projects in jazz, musicals, music recording, composition and music production. For several years, I have been continuously hired as a pianist, singer and artist at events and events of various kinds in Sweden and abroad. I have also worked as a study musician in Sweden and abroad and studio musicians on a number of digital platforms. I have worked as a pianist for musical entertainment in large hotels in Sweden and abroad at hotels such as Clarion, Scandic, Hotel Tylösand, Granmelia Tenerife, Sensatori Ibiza, Napa Mermaid Cyprus.

Working as a pianist in a hotel lobby is nice and rewarding. You meet new people and create good contacts. Sometimes I get an assignment as a hotel pianist abroad and go to work in another country. I have also participated as a pianist in musicals and musical theater on several cruise ships. Musical theater is a magical place where artists and musicians create art on stage. I have been lucky enough to be involved as a pianist in one of such performances.

Professional musician in Stockholm

In Sweden, piano entertainment was used in several conference rooms, restaurants and banquet halls in Stockholm, such as Sjöfartshuset, Opera Källaren, Teater Studio Liederman, Hotel Tylösand, Engelen, Hasselbacken, Grill, Wennegren Center, Solidaritet Arena, Runö Konferens etc.

As a freelance musician in Stockholm, you get exciting and unexpected assignments. Today you arrange a piano bar in someone's living room and tomorrow it's a big gala dinner for 300 people.

Piano and vocals for corporate events

Very common assignment to be a pianist in a mall and shopping center where piano entertainment is part of any advertising campaign. Collaborating with large Event companies is an important part of my job as a pianist in the music entertainment industry.

I was hired as a pianist for musical entertainment at corporate parties, conference dinners and mingling. Music entertainment is regularly booked by large and small companies throughout Sweden. As a corporate customer, the priority is to hire musicians who offer good quality and have a fine portfolio. Therefore, as a pianist and singer, I work steadily to maintain a high standard of my musical efforts.

Soloist in the church

A much appreciated task for a pianist is to arrange a piano concert in a church or play during a ceremony. As a musician in the church, your goal is to convey music with its artistic content to people. I have participated several times as a pianist and soloist during various ceremonies and celebrations in the church and arranged music lessons and concerts in the church. I regularly perform as a pianist during church events in, among others, Färingsö Parish, Farsta Church, Stora Sköndal Church, Immanuel Church, Eskellhem's Church Community, Engelbrekt Church.

Piano teacher in Stockholm

Being a music teacher and piano teacher is one of my biggest inspirations. I find a lot of pleasure in piano teaching and work with adults as well as with children. During piano lessons you learn new things both as a musician and as a person.

Piano studio in Solna

For many years I have been active as a freelance musician, studio musician, producer, arranger and songwriter. Record production, recording and publishing were part of my final bachelor's thesis at Kungl. The Academy of Music and continued to be a part of my live ever since. Composing my own music and songwriting enriches me as a musician.

Simultaneously with my ongoing activities as a professional pianist, I have for several years worked as a piano teacher, course leader and piano coach for various educational organizers and in my own piano studio in Stockholm.

I have solid experience as a piano teacher and a modern approach to piano tutoring. Today I offer individual piano lessons & group courses with different specializations. I run my own company Pianist Stockholm and constantly strive to develop in my professional role as a pianist and piano teacher in order to maintain a high standard of my music services.

Today I run a piano studio where I offer piano lessons and various piano courses. Welcome to visit me in my piano studio in Solna!





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