Piano classes for kids

Lessons with a private piano teacher for children from 4 years old



Piano classes for kids from the age of 4

Are you looking for a private tutor who offers individual lessons for children from an early age? Children interested in piano can start playing from the age of 4.

Private piano teacher

In individual teaching, the child gets the teacher's full attention and hence the opportunity to "do the right thing" from the beginning. By getting started with piano lessons, children get the opportunity to develop relaxed movements, finger motor skills and good balance between the hands. All this gives the child the opportunity to quickly start playing their favorite music and experience musical joy.

The private teacher's task is to keep the child's interest in music going and create an opportunity for the student to develop in even stages. Individual piano lessons usually contain several different elements such as listening, improvisation, singing, music reading, technique, interaction with the teacher and of course the student's favorite music!

The piano teacher sets up individual piano lessons to give the student a good technical foundation and is there to stimulate, motivate and inspire.

What sort of music do we play?

  • Children's favorite music on Youtube or Spotify – everything that inspires the child
  • Music from piano school (a book or online school)
  • Teacher's own material

What do we do during the classes?

  • Plays the songs of choice in various genres such as pop, rock, jazz, classical, film music or computer game music
  • Plays chords
  • Students learn Improvisation
  • Sings to your own accompaniment
  • Ear training, rhythm and puls exercises
  • Note reading, theory
  • Technique exercises

Why choose a private teacher?

  • Children can play from an early age, from 4 years
  • Together with the piano teacher, children can choose music and enjoy it
  • Students can choose how much they want to invest and get personal exercise tips.
  • During individual piano lessons, you can choose in which direction you want to develop - some students, for example, want to play their favorite music or sing to the piano.
  • During private lessons, students can get tips on how to learn to perform in front of an audience

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