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Beginner course in piano technique

Do you want to increase the speed and strength of your piano playing or learn the right piano techniques for beginners? Then this course based on the Russian piano technique traditional method  is something for you!

What is piano technique?

Scales and other technical exercises on the piano are considered boring, but many piano students want to be able to improve their technique by achieving maximum speed and strength. Even for beginner students regardless of age, it is important to work on the hands position as well as stable and flexible finger technique in order to later be able to continue with new skills.

The Russian classical tradition

The course in piano technique is based on the well-known Russian pianist and pedagog Evgenij Lieberman's piano method, which has been used for several decades by Russian piano students and teachers at all levels in the work with piano technique. Lieberman's piano method was a big part of my own piano studies in Russia.

This method is a mixture of different educational ideas of such prominent piano educators as, for example, Carl Czerny and Charles-Louis Hanon. According to the method, piano technique, i.e. speed and strength, is seen mainly as the means of the pianist's artistic expression. The Russian piano school focuses on developing the pianist's musicality in balance with piano technique to become a skilled musician rather than a virtuoso pianist. During the course, I teach according to the Russian piano school method to help my students develop different playing techniques and thus enrich their piano playing.

The basic course in piano technology is for those who want to learn playing piano without physical obstacles and create a solid foundation for continued learning. There is also an opportunity to take an advanced course for those who have experienced certain technical difficulties in playing and want to work with your piano technique based on your individual needs.

What do we do during the course

  • Technique exercises in form of scales, arpeggios, chords, etudes
  • Discuss the mental aspects of working with piano technique
  • Practically apply technical skills in your repertoire

Practical information

  • Number of occasions: 5 or 10
  • Number of participants: 1-3
  • Age: no age limit
  • No previous knowledge required
  • Piano teacher: Jane Levkovskaya

The course suits you if...

  • You are a beginner and want to get started with technical exercises
  • You want to develop speed and strength on the piano
  • Want to develop independence and coordination when playing with both hands
  • You have technical difficulties in a certain piece
  • You want to apply for further music education and need to prepare for the admission.

The structure of the course

  • The basics of piano technique: establishing the contact between the keys and your fingertips and developing the independence of your fingers with a relaxed wrist
  • The mental aspect of piano technique: transition to faster tempo, fast playing in etudes and classical pieces, phrasing in technical passages.
  • Finger placement - the way to developing functional finger technique
  • Training to avoid fatigue and tension in your hands, developing strength on the piano
  • Scales, arpeggio and technical exercises
  • Different playing techniques: cantilena, legato, non-legato, staccato, dynamics, the choice of piano techniques in different types of accompaniment.
  • Ornaments: drill, pralldrill, mordent, accordion ornaments


  • E. Lieberman. Work with piano technique. The art of playing the piano (in Russian). (2003)
  • Czerny - School of Velocity, Op. 299
  • Hanon: The Virtuoso Pianist In Sixty Exercises For The Piano
  • Students' selected pieces and the teacher's own material.


Are you interested in taking a beginner or advanced course in piano technique? Get in touch and I will tell you more about the course structure.

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