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Music theory

Are you interested in music, write your own music or want to get a better understanding of music? Then this course in music theory with elements of practical piano playing is for you!

Music theory on piano

Those of you who want to get a better understanding of musical form and genre can benefit from learning the basic theoretical concepts such as rhythm, tempo, key, etc. For you who write your own music, it is important to read music and understand the basics of harmony. Theoretical knowledge in music is a basic skill for all music lovers. 

The beginner course in music theory is for those who want to gain a broader perspective on how theoretical knowledge in music can be applied in practice, for instance, when listening to the music, playing piano or another instrument, singing or composing your own music. All elements covered during this course are demonstrated on piano and as a participant you have a chance to apply your knowledge directly in piano playing, singing or composing. 

Theory and practice are inseparable when it comes to music! Knowledge in music theory is the first step towards a better understanding of music regardless of genre. For cplaying, composing or other musical activities the theoretical knowledge in music theory and harmony theory is necessary.

The course suits you if...

  • You are interested in music
  • You feel that you lack some basic theoretical knowledge
  • You want to develop your understanding of music of a specific era or genre
  • You compose music
  • You are planning to continue your music education and need to prepare for the admission tests

Practical information

  • Number of occasions: 5 or 10
  • Number of participants: 1-3
  • Age: no age limit
  • No previous knowledge required
  • Teacher: Jane Levkovskaya

What you will learn during the course

  • Reading music 
  • Steps and intervals
  • Triads
  • Scales
  • Chord symbols
  • Music terms, tempo signatures
  • Music terminology in rock and pop

What do we do during the course?

  • Written exercises in harmony and sight reading
  • Rhythm exercises
  • Ear training exercises
  • Practical piano playing
  • Learn to recognize different orchestral instruments
  • Learn about different music eras and composers
  • Listens to the music of different genres for educational purposes

    Are you interested in taking a basic course in music theory? Get in touch and I will tell you more about the course structure and lessons in music theory.

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