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Jazz ensemble

Do you want to play or sing in a jazz group and improvise jazz and blues? This course in jazz ensemble for beginners is for those who want to learn to play in a jazz ensemble.

Play in a jazz band

All instruments are welcome - bass, guitar, piano, saxophone, trumpet and of course vocals! In small groups of 2-5 participants we learn the basics of jazz ensemble and jazz improvisation. Welcome to our jazz ensemble sessions – the source of joy, freedom and inspiration!

In the jazz ensemble course, you develop as an improviser on your instrument and get an expression of your musical ideas in a jazz group. As an instrumentalist or singer, you can learn about interaction and communication in a jazz ensemble and expand your skills in different genres within jazz such as swing, bossa nova, blues, funk, etc. 

When playing jazz in a beginners' group, you can get guidance from the teacher and personal tips on how to learn jazz improvisation on your instrument. During the course, we also work with musical form and musical expressions that are characteristic of the jazz genre. When it comes to repertoire, we start with The Real Book but there is always place for creative suggestions and as well as students original compositions.

Practical information

  • Number of occasions: 5–10
  • Number of participants: 2–5
  • Requirements: basic skills on your instrument or vocals
  • Teacher: Jane Levkovskaya

Jazz ensemble course suits you if...

  • You can play an instrument or sing
  • You want to try playing/singing in a jazz group
  • You have experience of playing/singing in a pop or rock band
  • You enjoy playing by ear
  • You want to learn to improvise on your instrument or vocals
  • You enjoy listening to improvised music - jazz, blues, funk etc.

The structure of the course 

  • Improvisation and interaction with other musicians 
  • The jazz standard repertoire (songs from The Real Book)
  • Ear training exercises
  • The basics of jazz performing tradition
  • Rhythmical exercises in the group
  • Exercises for musical communication within the group
  • Harmonic analysis

Before you join...

  • You can play an instrument or sing
  • You have experience of playing/singing in a group regardless of genre

    Are you interested in taking a jazz ensemble course for beginners? Get in touch and I will tell you more about the course!

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