Piano classes for adults

Piano classes for grown-ups of all ages 



Piano lessons for adults 

Are you thinking of taking piano lessons? Private lessons can be a good way to get started if you are an adult beginner.

Adult beginners 

Learning to play an instrument is not entirely easy. Even if you have a clear goal, it can be difficult to see your own strengths and weaknesses. For adult beginners I can offer individual piano lessons that are suitable for adults at different levels. There are various ways to go about starting to play the piano as a grown-up or developing your playing when you already have some knowledge and skills.

 Why take piano classes with a private tutor?

  • You have a chance to influence and create the structure of the lessons together with your teacher
  • You are met by a skilled teacher who evaluates your previous knowledge and chooses the path that you need to take to succeed.
  • Your teacher will help you find the balance between practice routine and the joy of playing, so important for being able to enjoy your piano classes.
  • In individual piano lessons, you can get individual instructions for each step in your learning - from practice routines to technique and performance skills.
  • In private lessons, you can find a way to connect your piano practice to listening to your favorite music.
  • The teacher creates and carefully picks the material for piano lessons based on your music preferences and individual skills.

You would benefit from individual lessons if you...

  • Are an adult beginner
  • Always wanted to play the piano but never had the time or opportunity to learn
  • Want to see progress in a short period time
  • Have played the piano a long time ago or play another instrument
  • Have difficulty moving forward in your playing and need help with motivation
  • Have gaps in some areas or (for example piano technique)

The structure of the lessons

  • Repertoire learning (optional songs in different genres such as pop, rock, jazz and classical)
  • Chords and harmony
  • Improvisation
  • Singing to your own accompaniment
    Ear training, rhythm and pulse exercises
  • Sight reading, theory
  • Technique exercises



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