Wedding pianist & singer 

Hire a pianist and a singer for the wedding ceremony, wedding reception & wedding dinner  

Pianist for a wedding dinner

Are you planning to hire a pianist for your wedding? It can be an excellent solution to hire a pianist for a wedding dinner or arrange a piano bar with piano and vocals where guests would be treated to a wonderful mix of music. A wonderful way to celebrate the bride and groom is to request their favorite music in the piano bar or why not contribute a song or more yourself in a piano karaoke! The pianist with a wide repertoire that includes several different genres will light up the wedding dinner!

Music for a wedding dinner

Wedding dinner is hard to imagine without music and live music performance in the piano bar can be a real highlight! Piano bar with a pianist singing is an obvious solution for filling in gaps between the speeches with well-known songs and uptempo music on piano and vocals. Piano bar where wedding guests can request songs is perfect for the wedding dinner as everyone is in a good mood for singing and enjoying fantastic food and all the nice words that are said during the dinner. The pianist performs uptempo music that gives spices up the wedding dinner and creates a positive atmosphere.

Rent a grand piano 

Do you want to offer your wedding guests something extra? Rent an exquisite grand piano for a real piano bar feel! I collaborate with rental companies and can help with the practicalities and arrange a grand piano for the venue. Piano bar with a grand piano looks fantastic and sophisticated and will definitely create  many memorable moments during the evening.

Are you planning to arrange a piano bar for your wedding? Contact me to get help planning music for your wedding dinner!

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