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Karaoke around the piano

Piano karaoke can raise the mood of a party or corporate event and create many happy memories. Unlike regular karaoke to pre-recorded backgrounds, piano karaoke offers freedom for you and your guests who love to sing karaoke. Singing karaoke to piano with a professional pianist is an activity that is suitable for both birthday parties, company parties or larger events.

Sing karaoke with a pianist

Are you going to have a party and intend to invite your guests to something out of the ordinary? A successful evening with live karaoke brings people together. Colleagues, friends or family gather around the piano and sing freely and playfully their favorite songs to the piano accompaniment - nothing can spice up the party like piano karaoke!

As a part of a corporate event piano karaoke can be booked together with a professional karaoke host. In addition, you can choose to rent a TV monitor or print a songbook for the piano karaoke evening. I am happy to help you find a practical solution for a wonderful live karaoke experience!

If you are planning to arrange a company party in the office or at a larger venue, it may be relevant to discuss piano rental, large screen or advanced sound system for larger parties. Of course I will help you arrange this! I have collaborated with rental companies and am happy to forward the contacts.

Karaoke & piano bar for your party 

To start up the party event you can arrange karaoke around the piano at the beginning of the party, during a cocktail hour or lounge for the guests to get closer to each other and warm up for the evening's activities and social gatherings. It can also be a good alternative to arrange piano karaoke later in the evening as everyone is already in a good mood and ready to loosen up and sing.

Musically, piano karaoke can be designed in different ways. I have a wide repertoire list at your disposal to choose the songs. You can also set up your own song list with a connection to a special theme such as the 80’s theme, a Frank Sinatra evening, or the Swedish melody festival, to name a few alternatives. Piano karaoke can be combined with sing-along or, for example, a music quiz.

Contact me and I will tell you more about the piano karaoke setup!

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