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Pianist for baptism & christening party

Are you planning a christening party or baptism ceremony? Baptism and christening are extremely important events in every family, with close friends and family around you, candle lighting, beautiful poems and of course - emotional music. Which music to choose for the ceremony is very individual depending on what suits your family.

Pianist and singer for christening

If the baptism takes place in the church, you can decide on music with the priest and choose some hymns as well as hire a singer who plays the piano and sings songs that are close to your heart and special for your family.

At the christening party the family can choose the music themselves or together with the pianist. I am happy to help you with music choices - together we will create a program with music that  will give an outlet for emotions and creates a beautiful memory that will last a lifetime.

Do you want a particular song to be performed during baptism in the church and are you looking for a singer? A singer who plays the piano can be a great solution. As a musician I have participated in several baptism ceremonies in the church and can assure that music helps to express emotions. I like to keep in touch with the family already in the planning process to help them with song selection and find the place of the music in the order of the service.

Some want to skip the traditional song choice and order music in different genres. Together we choose beautiful music that suits you and your family. Baptism ceremony in the church can begin with welcoming piano music, during the baptism itself the soloist can sing a few songs.

Hymns and poems can be included in the baptismal service and can be accompanied by the pianist. Finally, the pianist can play closing music at the end of the ceremony.

Piano singer for the baptism ceremony

Are you looking for a pianist and singer for a christening ceremony or christening party? When the date for the party is set, it's time to think about the music.

If you choose to arrange everything yourself you can design the celebration exactly as you want. Some choose to have a simple small party with only the closest family, while others want a big event with lots of guests. I meet the family's wishes regarding music choices and am happy to discuss the music program for the christening party to make sure that the music comes naturally in the order of the ceremony.

You can choose music from my repertoire list or create your own music program.

The christening ceremony can begin with the pianist playing introduction music. Then  several songs can be played and sung by the pianist during the ceremony itself. Then the parents tell which names they have chosen for the child and which ones they have chosen as godparents. Then usually family members read a few poems and then the guests take a break to listen to the soloist. Finally, the pianist performs the closing music.

When the ceremony is over and the party begins, the pianist can play background party music while the guests socialize with each other.

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