Pianist for a private venue

Hire a pianist for your party, christening, wedding ceremoni or funeral



Pianist for a private venue

As a private client you can book a pianist for an event, party or ceremony such as a wedding, christening or funeral. The background music helps to create a soulful atmosphere in the room and contributes to a heartwarming atmosphere without disturbing.

Lounge music

Lounge music can sound in the background when people talk and socialize with each other. Pianist can play everything from light classical music to jazz or popular favorites. Music for a private party, birthday or anniversary can be more uptempo. In such cases, it can be a good idea to arrange a piano bar where the pianist plays ever-greens and the guests gather around the piano and sing along and request their favourite music. When you plan a private dinner with the family and guests or colleagues, anniversary, wedding or another event, piano entertainment is a great choice. The music begins softly and contributes to a warm and pleasant atmosphere while the guests sit at the dinner table and talk to each other. Later in the evening, the pianist can switch to uptempo music and also play the guests' requests.

Theme party

It is not uncommon to organize a theme party when you want to invite your guests to something out of the ordinary. Theme parties can have different concepts, such as 70’s parties or The Great Gatsby party. The possibilities are many and I am happy to discuss different arrangements and music choices for your party. 

Wedding & Christening

When a wedding or baptism is arranged in the church, you can book a singer who sings the selected songs to her own piano accompaniment. During a civil ceremony, the pianist can be flexible and bring his own equipment to the venue where the ceremony is to be performed. It is not uncommon to have a wedding out on the beach or a christening party in your home.

Funeral and memorial service

During funeral and memorial services, music has a special meaning. In the chapel or in the church, funeral music can consist of both instrumental music and piano with vocals. The music chosen with the help of the family can include everything from classical music to popular songs or jazz.

Memorial moment is an event where background music can be used to help the family through the difficult moments. The pianist can also contribute with mellow background music with or without vocals.

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