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Pianist & singer for a corporate party

Are you looking for a pianist for a corporate party? Book a pianist! Whether you are arranging a large corporate party, reception, banquet, exclusive event, kick off or an unpretentious after work night for your employees – piano bar entertainment can be a real highlight for the party.

Corporate party with live music

Corporate party with live music can be organized in different ways depending on your needs. The party can start with the pianist playing lovely classical music while the guests arrive, socialize with each other and enjoy a welcome drink. A professional pianist and singer can plan suitable musical entertainment for a unique and unforgettable corporate party. When a company party starts, you may want mellow piano music that creates a comfortable background for guests' conversations. If you are planning a dinner, banquet or buffet during the event, the pianist can continue to play light music on the piano and mix it up with vocals when the food is served.

After dinner when everyone is in a party mood, it suits perfectly with cheerful uptempo music in the piano bar that maintains a positive happy atmosphere with many smiles, sing-alongs and good memories among the guests.

Piano bar in the office

Arranging a real piano bar is a great solution for those who want to treat their colleagues or customers to a pleasant evening with live music. Piano entertainment and live music create an incredibly positive vibe in the room during a banquet, reception or party. Guests often gather around the piano to wish songs and sing along with the familiar tunes.

Why not arrange a theme party? With food, music and activities that fit in the theme, it will be a fantastic corporate party. For office events and small parties, a solution with a portable piano bar and sound system is suitable. If you organize a corporate party or event on a large scale with a stage or without, it can be an alternative to rent a real grand piano. I am happy to help you find the right supplier who can arrange the rental. Feel free to contact me for more information or to get a quote on piano entertainment.

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